Here at jBussemaker Web Development, our main goal is to provide you with the highest-quality systems. That's why we've developed our own systems. Such a website system is called a Content Management System (CMS).
Our system, the IPS Content Management System (furtheron called the IPS CMS), is a light-weight, user-friendly and simple but very powerful website content managing system.

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Server requirements

• PHP 5+

Installing the IPS CMS

By installing the IPS CMS on your server you agree to the jBussemaker Websites & IPS Content Managing Terms and Conditions.

No PHP or MySQL knowledge is required, because the IPS CMS will either be installed by jBussemaker Web Development or an official reseller.

IPS CMS Features

•  Light-weight, user-friendly and simple but still remaining very powerful.
•  Extensive (and extendable) administrator panel.
•  User friendly URLs (like www.yourdomain.com/news).
•  Many ready-to-use systems installed with the IPS CMS by default.
•  Optional forum and/or guestbook module.
•  Optional gallery module.
•  Multi-language support!
•  Assign different administrator different access levels.
•  Editing content via WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor: no HTML knowledge required!
•  Simple but powerful website editor: edit pages and edit the menu.
•  Easily manage, create, freeze, unfreeze and edit users.
•  Add custom user fields (like address and phone).
•  Create your own Terms and Conditions.
•  Send emails to your users via an easy interface.
•  Put all your partners on one clear page, in categories.
•  Possibility to add direct URLs in menu items (handy with links to a forum or an external gallery for example).
•  Keep track of user events: add a staff comment to a user (comments only visible to staff members trough the member list page).
•  Already highly customizable without any add-ons: extensive settings pages.
•  Add downloads to your downloads page, either via supplying a direct URL or via HTTP upload.
•  Publish news items quickly.
•  Website maintenance mode support: only administrators will see the website, the rest of the users will see the maintenance message.
•  Member list page, including a detailed page about each member.
•  A personal profile page for every member, on which they can edit their details (even write a little piece about themselves).
•  Contact page via a contact form instead of just displaying email addresses.
•  CAPTCHA protection agains spamming.


Click here for a demo IPS CMS!

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